Basic Laparoscopy

Yale University School of Medicine

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Basic Laparoscopy I

Yale University School of Medicine

Source: Department of Ob/Gyn at Yale University School of Medicine.

Goals: To provide a broad introduction laparoscopy 

Intended Audience: Resident and practicing physicians.  OR nurses who will participate in laparoscopy procedures

Laparoscopic Anatomy

Aydin Arici, MD

Informed Consent for Surgical Procedures

Sarah Cohn, JD 

General Counsel Yale-New Haven Hospital

Complications of Laparoscopy

Barbara Levy, MD

Energy Sources for Endoscopy: Electrosurgery and Lasers

Barbara Levy, MD



Equipment for Laparoscopy 

Steven F. Palter, MD

Introduction to Laparoscopy and Tubal Ligation

Steven F. Palter, MD

Ectopic Pregnancy

Barbara Levy, MD


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