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Traditional surgical training has been via an apprenticeship approach.  Most surgeons lean procedures during residency or fellowship programs or in a preceptorship session.  Unfortunately, new procedures are currently introduced at an unprecedented pace.   This is especially true for endoscopic procedures.  The traditional model for learning these cutting edge procedures has been by attending brief lectures at medical conferences, weekend continuing medical education courses, or by reading descriptions in medical journals and textbooks.  We believe that surgery is an inherently visual art.  It must be seen to be understood.  Unfortunately, the traditional avenues of education are unavailable for most physicians in the world who do not have the resources or access to these limited training programs.  

How can a physician be exposed to these new procedures?  How can we increase access for physicians to these procedures?

Physicians travel from around the world to major medical institutions  to observe endoscopic procedures.  Due to limitations in medical practice regulations the majority of these physicians can only observe endoscopic procedures.  This is the most vital first step in learning these procedures.  After repeated observation they can more rapidly complete a hands-on preceptorship program.  

StreamOR is a Digital Endoscopic Fellowship

We provide 24 hour a day access to major surgical procedures broken down into short step-by-step streaming video guides freely available to all interested.  Those who want to see new or infrequently performed procedures can have instant access to visual guides.  New procedures and equipment will be showcased as they become available.  This is an important resources for those who are unsure if they are interested in committing the time and resources to attend a formal training program for the new device or procedures.  Those who decide to make that commitment will arrive with an understanding and fund of knowledge that will enable then to complete the program in substantially reduced time.



Practicing Physicians:  Keep updated on new or infrequently performed procedures with step-by-step video

Residents and Students:  Learn surgical procedures here rather than with an atlas and textbook before you go to the OR.  Review the layout of the OR, sterile technique, and scrub technique


Patients:  For those patients who want to see exactly what is involved in a surgery



Welcome to the Digital Revolution

The introduction new surgical procedures brings excitement but most surgeons cannot observe the procedures adequately to learn them.  

StreamOR delivers  medical education via streaming surgical footage and lecturesWe offer state of the art content from gynecologic laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, gynecologic surgery, and general medical procedures


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