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Basic Laparoscpy

Endoscopic minimally invasive surgery has transformed virtually every surgical specialty.  Benefits include reduced hospital stays, a more rapid recovery, decreased incision size, decreased adhesion formation, and reduced costs.

This section demonstrates basic laparoscopic surgical procedures.  These form the basis of all laparoscopic procedures.


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General Laparoscopy Overview: Step by step including set-up, equipment, patient placement, insufflation, trocar insertion methods and placement


Basic Laparoscopic Anatomy Basic anatomy seen through the laparoscope including pelvic organs, ureter, and the bowel


Basic Laparoscopic Procedures


Diagnosis of Endometriosis Various appearance of endometriosis lesions- typical and atypical


Advanced Laparoscopic Procedures  Lysis of adhesions, treatment of endometriosis, cryomyolysis, office microlaparoscopy, 


Office MicroLaparoscopy Under Local Anesthesia (Lecture Series)  Overview from the ASRM prize winning video 


Cryomyolysis (Lecture Series)  CML overview from the introductory video


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