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Use of a Virtual Reality (VR) Head Mounted Display (HMD) for Surgical Procedures Under Local Anesthesia

this project used computer video glasses to distract patients having surgery under local anesthesia and reduce pain and anxiety



High Definition (HD) Endoscopy: A Pilot Study

This is the first known use of a high definition video system for endoscopy providing 2-3 times the resolution of present systems.  We believe this will translate into better outcomes, reduced surgeon fatigue, and decreased complications.



Office Laparoscopy Under Local Anesthesia for Chronic Pelvic Pain

This is the first report of the use of "Conscious Pain Mapping"-- a tool used to identify the cause of pelvic pain.



Office Laparoscopy Under Local Anesthesia for Infertility

We reported on the use of office laparoscopy under local anesthesia for the diagnosis of infertility.  The benefits include reduced costs, a more rapid recovery, and less risk.



Falloposcopy vs. Balloon Tuboplasty for Tubal Infertility

Falloposcopy is the preferred technique for treatment of tubal obstruction


Is Tubal Embryo Transfer of Any Value?

Although the SART report has suggested that tubal embryo transfer (TET or ZIFT) is more sucessful than intrauterine embryo transfer this meta-analysis shows that there is no benefit to TET.  In addition, it has more risk and is more expensive.  A stsitical comparison with the SART database suggest possible selection bias in the SART database.  


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