The high-definition television (HDTV) starts to apply Yu Qiang Jing surgical department

Convened in the last week in gynecology and obstetrics department mirror doctor at international conference, American Yale University medical college's gynecology and obstetrics department Doctor Doctor Steven Palter announced they already started the high-definition television camera and the monitoring device apply Yu Qiang Jing surgical operation.

Doctor Steven Palter introduces, compares traditional the cavity mirror picture, on the television monitoring device picture quality improvement is has revolutionary. Its clarity is traditional television two times, moreover is may have the depth feeling which is very important regarding surgery doctor.

Although Doctor Palter certainly does not think this technical the application was allowed to cause the before extremely difficult surgery suddenly to change the simple easy line, but he believed HDTV was allowed to enhance the surgery the accuracy, reduced doctor's weariness, moreover, some before is unable the sickness stove which discovered also may under the clear picture discover.

Doctor Palter also believes HDTV may the even better application train to the surgery, because he may provide an more real picture.
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