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Equipment in the OR

This section of StreamOR provides a guide to the equipment in the OR

It is vital to be familiar with the equipment in the operating room as well as its set-up and troubleshooting.  

This section reviews the overall layout of the equipment in the operating room.  This can be used for surgeons becoming familiar with what to expect or for nursing staff.  

Next, we review the set-up of the endoscopic tower which is often a source of confusion.  Familiarity with the set-up of the tower can allow the you to troubleshoot most intraoperative video problems.  For this reason a "troubleshooting the tower" section is also included.  

Overview/Layout of the Operating Room

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Anesthesia Equipment Set-up
Endoscopic Equipment Table Set-Up
Endoscopic Tower Set-Up
Troubleshooting the Tower

Hysteroscopic Table Set-up

  Laparotomy Table Set-up

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